Getting the most out of your hair extensions

Washing Your Hair Extensions

Always use sulfate-free shampoo's and conditioners. Wash hair in one direction and avoid washing your hair upside down. Don't scrunch or rub the hair to prevent tangling. Make sure to rinse out completely and gently wring out the water. Use a leave-in conditioner

Styling Your Hair Extensions

Generally try to avoid heat. Heat is not good for extensions. When using tools such as blow dryers and flat irons always use a thermal protectant product. If using tools with tape-in products make sure to keep away from the base. Best practice is to let the hair air dry. 

Sleeping with Your Hair Extensions

First rule is to never sleep with your hair wet. Make sure that your hair is completely dry when going to sleep. Try to get in the habit of tying your hair in to a ponytail to prevent tangling or matting as much as possible.

Brushing Your Hair Extensions

Use a soft bristle brush. Try to find one that is specifically made for hair extensions. When brushing it it best to start at the ends and work your way up brushing in a downward motion. Brush and detangle a few times a day to keep the hair at its best condition.